Friday, May 11, 2007

Crocodiles and a Mangrove Swamp

Chacala is so beautiful this time of year. Even though we are still in the dry season (only one evening of rain since mid-October), the trees and shrubs are going ahead with growing fresh new vegetation. Many of the trees that lost their leaves these past months are now covered with lovely new leaves. And/or blossoms. Same with the shrubs. And in some area new grasses are coming up, and the Coral Vines are covered with little blossoms.Today I went on a wonderful trip with some people who are visiting Chacala. We drove in their rental car to Tovaro, just south of San Blas. It took less than two hours, and was a nice ride. We took a boat ride through a mangrove swamp. We visited a crocodile farm, and saw crocodiles and odd birds and lots of Crinum plants growing on the banks of the swamp.The bathrooms at the boat dock were surrounded by beautiful dwarf Poinciana lants. Very beautiful blossom. We had lunch at a nice little restaurant overlooking a lovely crystal clear swimming area. With a rope hanging from a tree to swing out over the water, and jump in. It was really fun, although I was only actually in the water about two minutes. Even though there was a chainlink fence across the inlet where we swam, it was still scary. Crocodiles have REALLY big mouths.


Anna said...

Beautiful flowers and it would slow me down a bit to think of crockodiles in the water.

LostRoses said...

I remember going on the boat ride to Tovara Springs and it was fascinating. I, too, stayed in the water for only about two minutes thinking about those crocodiles. But I couldn't resist that clear water!