Saturday, May 19, 2007

May Blossoms in Chacala

It's definitely getting hotter in Chacala. I don't have a thermometer, but I bet it's getting close to 90 in the afternoons. Mid 80's for sure. Not particularly humid though. Lots of plants are blossoming right now, in preparation for the rainy season , which starts in late June, usually. this Aloe has grown from about six inches tall to a couple of feet in the last 4 or 5 months. This bouganvillea is growing so quickly. I love how it looks. They come as either vine or shrub plants, and you never know exactly what you are getting, unless the plant is big enough to see the difference. I wrote the name of this tree down, and put the paper in my pocket,
and then promptly washed the shirt
The town water didn't come on until about 11am this morning. Usually it comes on about 9am or so. There is a hose bib on the front of the house, and I water my plants with a hose attached to the bib. Until a few days ago, the pipe the hose bib is attached to continued on to the water tank, tinaco, on top of the roof of this house. But that line seems to have clogged up. I can still use the hose though, and there's plenty of pressure, so I have been filling the tank with the garden hose. It's working okay with just me living here, but this set-up may get tricky when the other two units get rented. Maybe at Christmas.The Primavera tree,called something else in Mexico
(but that name was on the same piece of paper),
also blooms in pink. The blossoming seems to go on for months.

I walked around town at sunset the last couple of evenings. Taking care of business and doing some visiting. One of my favorite women here in Chacala is very ill. I try to go by her place every other day, with a little gift or food or cash or whatever. She almost always has other women visiting in the evening, so it's sort of nice. We all sit outside under the trees and visit.
These photos are of the plants, trees, and shrubs that are blooming right now in Chacala. I know the names of some plants. In English, Spanish, or Latin. Depending on who told me the name. It's very beautiful in Chacala right now. Not as nice as after everything greens up after the rains start, in late June. But still, very nice. I think maybe the plants know the rain is coming, and they go ahead and blossom. Like they just can't wait.

I bought a photography magazine at the P.V. airport a few days ago. It's the best place to find English language magazines around here. There were some great articles about taking photos and I am trying to practice what they preach.

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