Thursday, May 31, 2007

Camping in the Garden, on Beach, in Chacala

It’s getting hotter every day in Chacala. More humid too. But it’s still nice if you stay out of the sun mid-day. Of course, today I didn’t do that, and ended up out in the sun about 1pm.

So when I got as far as one of the camping areas, I stopped and visited with a friend who lives in one of the homes that has a beach concession for camping and bath/shower facilities in Chacala.It was very comfortable, sitting in the shade, and catching the breeze that comes off the ocean, and comes between the house and the bath house. And admiring the ocean.The is a new home, rebuilt after Hurricane Kenna destroyed the old one, in October 2002. All the plants, trees and garden areas were planted since then. The shade trees in front of the house are about 18 feet tall now, and make a nice shady place to relax and visit.I have posted photos of the Cannas at this home before, but I can’t resist doing it again. They are so lovely.There are flowers and cacti and palms and shrubs around the house and palapas. Some are volunteers and some are planted. And they really make a lovely place to sit and visit.

I just had to take some photos. Especially when there where no people picnicking or camping this afternoon.Except for a truckload of police who were taking their lunch break down under the next net of palapas down the beach. I decided not to take a photo of them. Their guns are too imtimidating.


Tom said...

That top picture of the water and the flowers is beautiful. Its amazing that those plants do so well that close to the salt water.

It seems like such a tranquil spot.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for the brightly colored tour. Nice photos.