Friday, December 01, 2006

Three Gardeners in Chacala

Dona Lupe and Euloio, my landlady and her husband, came up today to do stuff around the place. They have been sleeping down at Dona Lupe’s restaurant for the last year or so.

They came up today because they are hoping to rent their room, below me, to someone for the winter. Today we moved furniture around in their room and installed the bed that used to be in my room in their room. I didn’t want two beds in my space. I need the room for workspaces and tables, and don’t really want guests staying with me. Except for family.

The room they want to rent is very basic, and, shares a bath with their other room, which their youngest son uses when he's around. It’s $135US. Nothing to write home about, but the price is right.
Then we worked on the little side yard, which is shaded by the house, and two small trees, most of the afternoon. It looks pretty good. We picked up a lot of trash and broken fans, etc, and took it down to the road for the trash guy tomorrow morning. I am going the scrounge some some chairs and a table for sitting around and visiting. Euloia had put up a hammock for me last week, but I was afraid to try it. So Dona Lupe (who is tiny and weights about 80 pounds) tried in and it bottomed out on the ground. If I had tried it the two saplings it’s tied two would have bent in two.

Then we fooled around with my plants, and weeded some of their flower beds, and talked about where I could plant some things in the tierra. The water came on while we were puttering around and we filled the water containers and hand watered. The plants in front of the house look so much nicer than when I lived here a couple of years ago. Don’t know why.
I now have four blue hyacinth plants in a bucket now. Every time I look in the bucket Dona Lupe has added another plant for me.The next time she comes up to the house we are going to look around the plants she has growing out back. Where the tejones and other varmints live. We might transplant some of her plants around to the front of the house. I weeded an Arnica plant today, not knowing what it was. But Euloia saw me do it and saved the plant . We replanted it and it looked okay this afternoon.

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