Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Puttering Around the "Garden",in Chacala

Yesterday I replanted some plants that have squished together, growing in pots, for the last several months.And then planted a couple of plants that I bought at the street market/tianguis last Friday.
And planted some aloes my neighbor Aurora shared with me.And planted three packets of seeds: sunflowers, nasturiums, and coleus.And pruned back one large oregano plant. To see if it would still go to seed after I pruned it. I left the other plants alone as controls. Of course, it doesn’t really matter anyway, since they reseed all the time. There are about a dozen large plants around this house, all going to seed at the moment.Everything seems to work a little differently in this climate. I still haven’t figured out if there is a start to the growing season, like April/May in Zone 5. Shrubs and trees start blossoming in the last part of the rainy season. Maybe September/October. And various other plants start blossoming later. But right now I don’t think there are any plants just starting to blossom.

Some plants blossom continuously, I think. Like vinca, and hibiscus, and roses, and allamanda and bird of Paradise, Uxora, Plumbago, Thunbergia and Desert Rose. Even the bougainvillea only seems to takes occasional breaks between blossoming periods..
Today went I was walking home from Majahua I took some photos of a tree that I really like. It has these long sturdy seed pods, and when they pop open, the insides of the pods have these nice grooved places where the seeds developed. I looked around on the ground for a good example of this, but the seed pods haven’t started falling yet, at least on this tree. I can’t remember what it’s called right now, but I am going to ask Beto, my neighbor, in a minute.


Marie McC said...

That tree with the long pods is a mimosa tree. They're common in California, here in Virginia, Tennessee. I've also seen them in Egypt and West Africa. They like it hot and dry.

La Gringa said...

Actually, I think it is a cassia, of which there are many varieties. Maybe cassia is related to mimosa. I don't like them very much. When they are blooming, they are pretty, but those seedpods hang on for so long.