Sunday, December 31, 2006

Morninglory Tree???

I think I found a Morning Glory tree, right next door. Here are some photos. If this is the correct plant, I will start watching to collectible seed pods. The homeowner said she hasn't pruned the branches off, only cut them back. Let me know if this is the right plant.

Today a woman who is a landscaper designer in Berkeley borrowed my Tropical Gardening book, from the Fairchild Center. She is maybe helping some people who built a nice cottage sized house here in Chacalato select some trees and shrubs, or at least give them some ideas. It was hard to let the book go, even for a few days, but it was nice to be around someone who talks plants, in English.

We talked about Traveller’s Palms and Bird of Paradise plants being in the same family, and about the name of the peeling red trees that look something like the Madrone, on the West Coast in the U.S.

Today a family, friends of my landlady’s, came by to store some stuff here. Under the staircase behind the house. They will be back for Semana Santa, Easter week. They wanted to wash their car, using water from the facuet for this house. I helped them hook up my hose, so they could spray their car. Just as we got things set up, the town water went off. They just shrugged. I showed them the big trash can we store water in for when there’s no town water And they bucketed water out for car washing. Then, as they finished the town water when back on and they started watering my pots.
As a thank you for helping them store their stuff, etc. I think. Anyway, I had already watered the pots and didn’t want any more water on them so I turned off the facuet (they couldn’t see what I had done). And they thought the town water had gone off again, so they piled in their car and left. They had a nice little VW station wagon. I don’t thinks it’s a model they sell in the U.S.. I really liked it.

I started some succulent cuttings today. I am waiting for a guy, a friend of my old neighbor, Jesus, to come by with some sacks of dirt. It may never happen.

We have been having some cold nights. In the low sixties. People are wearing sweaters, etc.

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