Monday, December 11, 2006

Looking at my Neighbors Gardens, Around Chacala

I walk around Chacala alot, doing errands for reservations and this and that. My favorite walk is down to the south end of the beach, wading barefoot in the warm water, and then up into the vegetation on the hillside above the beach.This unusual palm is potted on a terrace. And surrounded by palms growing in the earth.Then I walk down a trail thru the "jungle" and back on the beach road toward town.
These plants are Esparanzas. These hibiscus plants have flowers that are ten inches across. Very beautifull.The bouganvillea plant is just covered with blossoms and it a different color. I love it.
This cacti plant is getting bigger everyday.
It hasn't really rained for about seven weeks and things are starting to die out. I feel sorry for people who are only here during the dry season. It's so lush and green in Chacala during the rainy season. Blossoms everywhere. But there are lots of butterflies here right now, so that almost makes up for it.

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