Sunday, July 02, 2006

Water For My Plants in Chacala

I had town water coming to the pipe at the house today for about three hours . The pipe was really full of water, and it just kept coming. I felt rich!

After I topped off both of my water storage tanks (tinachos) I had a great times watering everything. Everything, even baby palms growing on their own out to the south of the house. And some shrubs on the east side, near the driveway.

But mostly I watered the big pots on both the sunny and shady terraces until I was sure they were watered all the way down. And I watered the little garden downstairs, outside the water storage area. I even hosed off the stairs and both patios and hosed off the outside walls, home to millions of insects and spiders. Sorry, guys.

Photo thanks to Scott Parks at
A little guy just like this iguana lives on my front patio, hiding in the plants and around the pots.
I don't think he's afraid of me, because as long as I'm not watering, he just hangs around watching me.

The spring my landlady started a nice little garden next to the tiny porch near one of the water waters, but the soil is really hard and rocky there and I am not really too optimistic. I really watered them all today: four new small bouganvilleas, two crotons, two hibiscuses and another greenery-type plant I don't know the name of.

These plants are all in the full sun, for maybe ten hours a day, and I think it is just too hot for them. Except for the bouganvilleas. They seem to love the sun and heat and humidity. The hibiscus plants are looking pretty good, but no blossoms yet. They have been in the ground for about six months, so who knows.
Then I did some cuttings, hoping to grow some new baby plants. I have been having some trouble the last couple of weeks with my Desert Rose (adenium obesum?) cuttings. Usually I just hack a branch off and stick it in a pot of nice soil, but lately they have been dying. So I am being more careful about letting them callus over before I plant them, and making sure they are way out of the sun. Maybe it's make a difference. The next thing might be to try some new dirt, if I can find some.

My jasmine and hisbiscus cuttings are all looking pretty good. I started a new bunch of hisbiscus cutting today. I am trying to keep track of which plant the cfuttings came from so I can tell people what color the blossoms might be. But I am not good at keeping labels straight, so who knows. I'm hoping to have lots of plants to share soon. And to take with me when I move back to the beach or where ever I am going when my landlords come back, maybe in late November.

I am watching for the "plastico" truck to come by so I can buy a couple of shallower plastic pans for my cuttings. The "plastico" truck sells everything you can think of made of plastic, except Legos, I guess. He turns his musical horn off before he gets to this end of town, so I have to keep an eye out for him.


California Gardener in Zone 23 said...

Your lizard makes mine look tiny. When you garden you see so many critters!

Take a look at my web site to see the lizard who I surprised with a garden shower!

Gardener in Mexico said...

The bigger ones here are iguanas. Some almost as big as people. And a crocodile lives down the road, in the seasonal pond.
Lots of life. I am still a little scared of all the creatures around here.