Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Transplanting in Chacala

Today in Chacala. 82 degrees, sunny, alternating with a little bit of overcast,and a perfect breeze. Perfect day for transplanting and starting cuttings.

But first, I got sidetracked by Butcho, who is planting melon seeds(could be squash or cantalupe, don't know) between the rocks in the field next to the driveway. Butcho, the 78 year old boyfriend, spouse, novio of my neighbor Maria was working away. He used a coconut shell hung from his neck with a hand-twisted piece of some kind of fiber to hold his seeds, and a long, fat stick to clear a little vegetation away and make planting holes. I puttered around outside as he worked, weeding the driveway and fooling with the water line. When he finished we had Cokes and popcorn. Then he took a sack of the leftover popcorn from the last few days back home for his chickens. And three pop cans for his recycling. And some old eggs, and some plastic bags.

Finally got back out to the veranda and started figuring out what to plant in what. And got sidetracked again, first rinsing out my white cotton tee-shirts and hanging them on the clothes line. Then sweeping another 40 milliion moth wings off the tile deck. And finally started fooling with the plants again. And got sidetracked again. Jehovah's Witnesses. Quick hello and goodbye.

Back to the veranda, collecting all the empty buckets and pots (only five-not enough) and took them out to the front patio and filled them with my nice, new, rich, delicious dirt from Benjamin's. When I saw him yesterday morning, he said he would save me four sacks. Until I could get someone with a truck to come get them. The dirt comes by the gunny sack full for 25 or 30 pesos. Under $3US.

Anyway, brought the pots and buckets back thru the house to the veranda. I used to drag the gunny sacks thru the house, but it's too messy and the sacks full of dirt look sort of crummy on this lovely patio. I just housesit this house, for the last three summers (April-November), so I always have to keep in mind what the owner's would want me to do. It's a great house, and I am luck to be here.

Then Chiquita, #1 dog in the world showed up, and we got sidetracked chasing the cangrudoes (land crabs) off the porch. Chiquita loves barking at them but is afraid of them, so it's pretty fun to watch. Actually, I am afraid of them too.

Now it's almost siesta time, and I am quickly writing this because I just got a response to my email to "Garden Voices", saying they would add this blog to their website. I was so excited I forgot the plants, and started writing this post.

I really, really want a camera. I wish I could take pictures to illustrate what I write about. Instead I ask my neighbors to take pictures for me, or tourists. It's okay, but.....

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