Saturday, July 01, 2006

Holding My Breath for Rain in Chacala

I think this is a poinciana tree, in full bloom, but it might not be.
Someone else took the photo.

Everyone in town is holding their breath, waiting for the rainy season to start. We had a tiny little rainful right around the Solstice, and one little bitty shower a few nights later, and that's it since early October.

The leaves on the mango trees outside my window are looking very droopy and thirsty. This is the third summer without much water, and the plants must be suffering.

Right now I am computing out on the patio. Ahead of me the sun is setting and the rain (I hope) clouds are reflecting red all over the sky. To the south, there are very, very dark rain clouds and there is loud thunder. No lightning yet, but I am going in the house. I have to unplug everything and pull furniture away from the windows. The windows just have screens, so if it gets windy, the rain comes in and helps me wash the floors.

I just dragged all the potted plants on the patio under the dripline from the roof, so they will get some water. I have about 25 pots out on the sunny patio, some of them mine, and some of them my landlords.

I figure I I act like it's going to rain, maybe it will. I can hear the thunder getting closer and I have to get upplugged.
This is a friend of mine standing next to a tree
I planted from seed last year.
Just kidding!
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tom said...

red sky in the morning sailors take warning,

red sky at night sailors delight.

Did it rain?

tom (tennis) CA said...

Did you approve of me?