Friday, November 02, 2007

Machetes Gone Wild, in Chacala

This afternoon, after it started to cool off, I walked around town, doing some errands.I almost always have my camera with me, and today I was especially glad of that. Lot's of kids wanted to pose for me. But then I started noticing the trees. I think the lovely trees are part of what makes Chacala Chacala. They provide shade and comfort. And they are so beautiful. All kinds of things are hung from trees. Hammocks, street decorations, posters, fishing nets being mended, swings, and so on. And palms give us cocos, palm fronds, lumber. And lovely shade.Trees shade the Bibliotecha were every one can use the computers.Sometimes trees are just the backdrops for other plants. In Gracia's garden this little cluster of shade plants caught my eye.Or trees can just be something a plant can climb on, like at Inez and Isreal's place. The saddest thing I saw today was a tree butchered to make a bigger view for some tree killer. It happened this summer, in the new gated development just north of Chacala, a whole bunch a beautiful, mature trees were destroyed to order to put in new lots and road. So ugly. So sad.

And then today, as I was doing my errand, walking along the Malecon, the dirt path connecting the beach and the muelle (fishing dock), I saw this pile of brush.And looked up. I couldn't believe it.The same lame-brains with too many machetes were at work again. It looked like the same guys who chopped down two big trees last year. in order to made a bigger view were back at work this week. Another tree, butchered and sacrificed for a sake of another few feet of view. It's possible to prune a tree without destroying it's appearance. Although you would never know it, looking at these photos.
Further along the Malecon I saw a young couple meandering along, enjoying the view, the shade and each other, I hope.And then, further along the Malecon, I admired some more lovely trees. Shade is so important around here. The highs in Chacala are still in the low 90's and you can't walk without with spots of shade stand in.

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