Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mystery Succulent in Chacala

I got some starts from a succulent from a Chacala neighbor a couple of years ago.Now I have hundreds of them By accident.I don't know what it's called, and my best sources of info on succulents, Sherry, and her son Freddie, from Merciari Designs in Oakland CA, weren't sure either. Or I wasn't listening when they told me the name. Or I forgot. Sherry, and her daughter Nicole come to Chacala alot. And Freddie came last year. The results of their gardening and rock wall projects are all over Chacala. At my place, Aurora's, and even rock work on some construction projects around town. They are wonderful people. I am so glad they are coming back this year.
Anywa, this is the most prolific, self-propagating plant I know. Not that I know alot about this kind of plant, whatever it is. Anytime a leaf touches dirt, it starts a new plants.Lots and lots of new plants.And today, all of a sudden these plants in my "garden" are going to seed.Or blossoming. I don't know how it works with this plants.
I think they will have noticiable blossoms.

I guess I will know in a few days. I can't wait. But I guess I will have to.,


No Rain said...

It sure looks like some species of Kalanchoe.

Nicole said...

Yes, a kalonchoe, but I dont know the exact one.

mcm said...

I agree -- it is definitely Kalanchoe, probably K. grandiflora. The flowers are lovely -- bell-shaped, not huge, but yellow with reddish tinge.
Other kalanchoes are "Mexican air plant" (Kalanchoe pinnata), K. blossfeldiana (with the bright red flowers), K. tubiflora (like a miniature palm tree), etc., etc.