Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gardening with Magazines

This post's title, "Gardening with Magazines", refers to reading gardening magazines, not mulching with them.San Miguel de Allende
I just read one of the more interesting garden blogs, Garden Rant, this morning. I love using Google Reader. Reading the new posts is almost like reading the morning paper. Which doesn't exist here in Chacala, at least in English or in Spanish.San Miguel de Allende
The topic of the new Garden Rant post was a review of Horticulture magazine, which was never ever one of my "must read" gardening magazines. But the review got me day dreaming about my favorite gardening magazines. I don't know if they even exist another more.San Miguel de Allende
Gardens Illustrated, Pacific Horticultural, Garden Design, Fine Gardening. I can't even remember the other titles. But I loved the English and French gardening magazines. Even if they were mostly irrelevant to my life and garden.San Juan de Las Lagos
My first garden was planting a peach pit in my mom's back yard. I started (vegetable and fruit) gardening in New Hamphire, and then Eastern Washington in the 60's. I relied totally on Organic Gardening and the Rodale books. Oaxaca
The only garden magazines I have found in P.V. or Guadalajara have been magazines from Spain. Which apparently has no tropical areas, because the garden plant selections look just like the typical garden in the U.S. Oaxaca
It was hard for me, a former, and still struggling magazine addict, to go cold turkey, especially from gardening magazines. Last winter Sherry Merciari, of Merciari (garden) Designs, in Oakland, CA, brought me some old Garden Design magazines. I spent the three days lost in the photos and articles. And I still re-read them regularly.Oaxaca

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