Saturday, November 17, 2007

Aurora's Garden in Chacala

Aurora is my next-door neighbor in Chacala. She was my first landlady, and is wonderful friend. This is a photo of one of her rentals, the one over her home.She and her wonderful husband, Beto, (above) have three kids, ages 13,15, and 20. All doing very well. Aurora has 4 very popular and affordable rental units, three built with an interest-free construction loan from Chacala's Techos de Mexico program. The fourth unit was built with a high intersst personal loan.In the past three years Aurora and Beto's garden has really taken off. It's very beautiful on the patios, and in front on the rental units.These house plants are about 20 feet long and tall. Lush and lovely.
The rental units have patios, and kitchens, and are only a little more than a block to the beach.

Aurora and I were walking on the south end of the beach one day and found some sprouted coconuts. We filled are arms with them and trudged home. Those palms are growing around the place now. And at my place too.
I love to watch how Aurora and Beto take care of their plants. The first time I saw Beto hack a lovely, 12 foot high, bougainvillea back to the ground I was appalled. And three weeks later it was blooming again. I have learned alot from Aurora and Beta, about many facets of life of Chacala.


Kate said...

This is gorgeous. There is a house near me, in Adelaide, Australia that looks just like this one. I am sure the people must be Mexican - one day I will call in and see them.Check out our blog at:

La Gringa said...

I love the bold colors!

Andee said...

Hi Kate, I did check out your website. I like it.

hi La Gringa, I think they copied the colors from you place.