Thursday, March 08, 2007

Working on the Garden Wall, in Chacala

Frederick has been visiting in Chacala for the past month or so. He builds stone structures in garden landscapes professionally.He gave me some advice and suggestions for my new little garden this evening. He has just finished a lovely little wall for Aurora, and was willing to take a look at what I have been doing.
It’s kind of embarrassing to compare my crude stone “walls” to the nice stonework he did for Aurora, but, after all, he’s a professional. And he didn’t he sneer at what I had done. He was very polite about my messy little rock piles.Fred had a some really good suggestions. When I get someone to help me move the bigger rocks around the place, he says hecan direct the placement of the rocks in the new little section of wall. That would be great.
Euloia, my landlady’s husband came by when Fred and I were looking of the rock pile next to my new wall. He has been clearing a patio in the gated development. Using his machete. He looked tired and proud of having worked for money all week. He looked very exhausted when he walked up. He’s 74 years old and puts in a full days work. On occasion.

Fred speaks Spanish with his crew at home, and he and Euloia really hit it off. I love seeing Euloia’s expressions when he feels respected and valued for his skills. Fred was very man-to-man with him, and Euloia had the sweetest smile on his face. He drives me crazy sometimes, but sometimes he’s very lovable. Atleast when he isn’t killing my plants with his machete, or drowning them with water.

I have been wanting to go back to the plant nursery, but I think I will have to wait a few weeks, until I get some more money. So meanwhile, I am going to scout around for some palms and other plants that are growing around Chacala. In the streambed and here and there. Plants I can dig up and transplant. I have a my own shovel now, so I am ready to go. And I am using my trusty Target trowel I brought from the U.S. more than three years ago.I almost didn’t bring any garden tools with me when I came to Chacala. And I really glad I have my trowel and small pruners. And my son brought my bigger pruners down last time he visited, so I am pretty set.

I need some plants that will shade my succulents in the hot, sunny summer months. Or at least partially shade them during the middle of the day. And I am planting the seeds I have been collecting from plants and from the tienda. So soon I will have some more coleus and portulaca and some other plants to put out.
Yesterday I planted some of my remaining Bird of Paradise plants in the little garden area above my succulent garden. They didn’t look too happy this afternoon, but maybe by tomorrow they will have revived.

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