Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Little Palms in My Chacala Garden

I woke up this morning with an uncontrollable urge to go to the other nursery in La Penita to see what plants they have today. I know I am having a little extra cash coming, so I was thinking I could spend it ahead. And I had another 100 peso($9US) budget in mindSo I got dressed, showered, ate, and tidied up and took off for the beach road. I could hear the collectivo horn tooting as the van made it’s way down from the upper part of town. So I hurried and caught it as it came to Juan’s tienda.

Halfway into Las Varas I realized I didn’t have my house key. I have been trying to remember to get an extra key made ever since I got back from Tonala. Right before I left I hid my extra key someone and I can’t find it. And I have been really afraid I would lock myself out.And last night I did. Lock myself out. Luckily, I had stashed a little tool outside. It lets me pry a window open enough to unlatch it and get inside. But that scared me enough be nervous when I couldn’t remember where my key was.

I was afraid I had locked myself out again. Plus, without my key and couldn’t get a duplicate made. So I just went back to Chacala on the same collectivo. And found my regular key where it belonged, in it's regular hiding place.The nursery on the east side of the highway, north of La Penita
So no trip to La Penita. But that’s good I think. Because I still have lots of plants to plant, and lots of starts to start, and seeds to plant. And my cash supply will last longer if I stay at home. So here I am. Taking my siesta. But I couldn’t relax so I am writing this.

When I got back from my aborted planting hunting trip, I started working on my wall. I wanted to make two places for the palms I bought yesterday. I did it, but the stone wall part I did looks really ugly compared to what Fred did yesterday.Oh well. I am happy with the little palms. I am trying to figure out what kind they are. I am going to have to look at the plants with my books in hand. According to the nursery guy, they are only supposed to grow 3 meters, and to stay leafy, providing semi-shade for my succulents. Another experiment.Tomorrow is going to be a garden day, at least until it’s too sunny. I am going to plant more seeds, and transplant as much as I can. And maybe keep working on the rock wall.

But now I am going swimming and then computing via wireless. Sitting outside, overlooking the beach and the breeze. What a nice life I have.

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