Friday, March 30, 2007

Marta's Garden

This morning I visited Marta at her restaurant, Mars Tres. Marta had a beautiful bouquet from her garden on one of her tables. I thought she was not happy with me a few days ago, and asked her niece about it. Apparently she told Marta, and Marta came out on the street and dragged me into the restaurant. So that was nice. We walked back to her garden, and admired the yellow rose Carolina had given her. And the red rose from Lonnie. They went back to Alabama a few weeks ago, after their semi-annual visit to Chacala. And we all miss them.

Marta had a packet of seeds for me, from the red plant. It was really breezy and the blossom wouldn't stand still for me, so it's kind of fuzzy. I know the name, but don't know how to spell it. But I think she gave me the packet of seeds because yesterday I gave her a Kalanachoe (sp?) plant I gave her yesterday.
I was at the nursery yesterday and these plants were 10 pesos (90 cents) each. I got several of them. For Dona Lupe and for Gracia.One of Dona Lupe's Aloe Vera's is blooming today. It looks so beautiful. It looks like many of the Aloes around town are blooming this week. I am trying to writie down when each plant blooms so I can keep track. Of course, alot of plants here blossom all the time.

And the papaya plant in front of the house is really growing quickly. With lots of fruit. I am hoping it keeps growing and shades my second story room. But we'll see. I never know when my landlady's husband will go nuts with the machete, "cleaning" things up. The darker blue blossoms right in front of the papaya are blossoms from a water lily plant. They are very beautiful, and look a little like irises.


Hayden said...

just lovely. thank you for sharing ......

LostRoses said...

Celosia argenta, or cockscomb? Flowers that look like something else always amuse me.

Those bright blue flowers are from a water lily? They're amazing!