Thursday, March 15, 2007

Little Bits of Gardening

These are photos from the last two nights, looking out from Playa Chacala. Then this morning was another beautiful Chacala sunrise. When I went to bed last night, I reminded myself to notice what time the sun hit my pillow this morning. It was 7:10am. The sky was clear and blue, and the sun felt great on my head. It’s a nice way to wake up, with the sun shining on the back of your head.

I wasn’t very hungry, so I went down to look over my little garden. And ended up moving eight biggish rocks into place. I was building in another space for some plants, about halfway down the rocky hillside. I added some dirt from the nursery. By the time I was finished moving things around, the town water was on, so I watered the new spot and all the other plants/dirt.

Then I planted the Portulacas I got yesterday. Tucking them in here and there.
My landlady’s husband came by, caring two plastic packets of cut-up Nopal. He needed a bucket to carry the Nopal, so I dug one out of my pile of buckets and pots. And rinsed it out. He was taking the Nopal up to a little restaurant, to sell if he could sell it. I don’t know if he was filling an order, or just hoping.

Euloaio and I puttered around for a few minutes, talking about when the next plants might go. On the other side of the sidewalk. Bill and Mary’s Gardenia plant is transplanted there (and doing well) and two Crinium plants and a bouganvillea and some other stuff are just kind of tucked in randomly.

After the work, I was hungry enough for breakfast, finally, and went up to cook something. I love cutting my grapefruit every morning, standing at the waist high cement wall around the patio. The view is wonderful, and the birds are always watching me from the power pole across the road. Most mornings they land on the wall, and look for goodies to eat. I have to make sure my peanuts are put away. They are on the crows' favorites. At least I Think they’re crows.

This is the view from my neighbor Aurora's upstairs patio. I have the same view, but a little higher. We are still seeing whale right in the bay, heading north. This whale came thru a couple of nights ago. It looked like she had babies with here, but I couldn't photograph them quickly enough.

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