Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Various Monsters in Chacala

I have been in a kind of crabby mood for quite awhile. I haven't found any crabs to take photos of, so instead I took shots of some local wildlife, more or less.
Yesterday I was walking down the road, going down to paint my new place, when a large tree literally exploded with big black birds. Not the really big vultures that hang around trees here, waiting for something to die. These were more like big crows. Maybe they were big crows.
There were maybe a 1,000 birds on this one tree. When I went by they all flew up all together, really scaring me. They headed for the next tree down the road. . Then settled in that tree. As I approached that tree, I clapped my hands, and they took off back to the first tree. It was like a huge black cloud flying between trees. Ugh.

Some kids came running up to me on the beach road, near Dona's Lupe's. They had a bucket with a good sized scorpion in it. They wanted me to take a photo of it, which I did.
I was washing clothes in plastic buckets on the front patio this morning, when I noticed I had an observer. This little green guy. He stayed about five feet from me for 20 minutes or so, only moving away when some water slashed near him. I felt like he wanted something, but my lizard-speak is very basic, and we couldn't communicate. He finally gave up on me and left.
There is a cattle lot about 100 feet down the paved road from this house. It was stuffed full of cows and their calves for a couple of days, waiting for trucks to come haul them away. Which they did, in the night, I think. The manure odor and the bellowing lets everyone in the neighborhood know when they are here. All the neighborhood dogs run down to visit with them. And bark. And bark. And bark.


myahspirit said...

I think the birds are Ravens. They are larger than Crows.

Marie McC said...

What a cute iguana! I love almost any critter that eats bugs.

myahspirit said...

My husband thinks they are crows, he says they are more apt to be in flocks were ravens won't. I still think they are ravens.