Sunday, November 05, 2006

Almost to Tired to Type in Chacala

This vine is very common around Chacala, like a weed. I am feeling tired and crabby after painting my new bedroom today. So I am not going to bother to look up the name of this sweetie.
The two little kids, below, are local, and the middle kid with the cape is here fwith a tourist family whose memebers speak French, Spanish and a few speak English. Nice kids. I accidently deleted him with the cape waving in the air. Very nice.

The kids were leaping out of the various windows above these flower beds, having a great time. Spidey (Spiderman) is very big n Mexico. Yestereday I saw a guy with his head shaved with lines in a spider web pattern. He seems to be pleased when I pointed to his head and said "Spidey".

These flower beds are built on the west side of a newish building here in Chacala. It has two rentals in the back, very nice, with views, and an office space type rental in the front. Which doesn't seem to be rented. Or at least used. It you are interested you could check at

The next four photos are of the hillside below my new (next week) living space. God knows what they are and I am too tired to look them up either.

And these two photos are of a two year old plant in front of Aurora's little bodega building. I think the blossoms are lovely, and not in my books. At least I don't think this plant is in my books.
This is a little local two legged golden yellow flower and her friends.
There seems to be yellow blossoms everywhere this week. It's a good thing I love yellow, or else I would have to leave town, I guess.
I have been too something (tired, overwhelmed, whatever) to answer emails or respond to Comments. I guess I will be more energetic once I get moved.

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mcm said...

Hi -- I hope you've recovered a bit from your exhaustion!
The blue-flowering vine is Thunbergia grandiflora -- there is also a white cultivar. It's sometimes called Bengal Clock vine, according to Riffle (The Tropical Look).
The yellow-flowering shrub/tree by Aurora's bodega LOOKS like Tecoma stans (yellow elder, yellow bells, yellow trumpet-flower), and grows wild in Mexico.
Let's just call the others..."girasols" (sunflowers) -- but I'm sure they have a more precise name, pero, quien lo sabe?