Friday, November 24, 2006

Not Much Gardening Time in Chacala

It's been so easy to water my plants, I haven't done much gardening lately. The water usually is coming on about 9 or 10am for a couple to four hours. I bought a new hose, 15 meters, for 90 pesos including do-iot-yourself couplings and a washer. I tied a rope aroun dthe hose so I can have water on my teraza. I can fill the buckets with water and don't have to carry them upstairs. Today I bought a couple of portulaca plants in Las Varas, but didn't plant them yet. Walking over to Majahua, I took some shots of the scenery. Majahua is the most beautiful place to stay in Chacala. Five wonderful units, tucked in the jungle, a beautiful outdoor spa, an a small restaruant. Overlooking the beach and very private. Wonderful. Plus they have a wireless connection. A private wireless connection.
Palms, the ocean, and a little flower named Jasmine.


LostRoses said...

Oh, aren't you clever to tie a rope around your hose so you can hoist it up to your balcony! Very cool.

Kati said...

Amazing how a glimpse of the banana transports me back to my childhood. The child, Jasmine?, is beautiful.