Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Walking Down the Beach Road

Yesterday I walked along the road along Chacala Beach, between the motor home/coconut grove area and the entrance to the Majahua and Mar de Jade parking areas. I saw a few things I wanted to take photos of. Including these kids, on their way home from school wearing their school clothes. And Jose Manuel, who has a daily route picking up the garbage around town.I visited with Esparanza, at her beach campground.Esparanza showed me a fruit she called a "Grenada". I though that was the Mexican name for Pomegranite, but I guess not. This is the vine it grows on.And this this the fruit.And the opened fruit. It smells delicious, but the appearance is not appealing to me.
She also showed me her Guayaba tree. Another fruit. Sort of limey. Not in season right now.She also showed me two nice rose blossoms. I don't know how she grows such nice roses so close to the beach, but she does. And her Lantana. She doesn't have a name for it.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for the flower pictures.

Nicole said...

The "grenada" is a yellow passion fruit, of course!