Friday, August 24, 2007

Oaxaca Water Gardens

I love water in the garden. Oaxaca seems to be full of water "features". That's a phrase I don't care for, but I can't think of another one right now.
These are a few of the water "features" I remembered to take photos of. But almost every park had working fountains, and many were really lovely.
I was surprised to find out how difference the normal rainstorms are in Oaxaca, as compared to Chacala.This little garden, above, is in the entrance to a small office building. This rill, in the Oaxaca E-B Garden, faces the Museum in the San Domingo complex of very old buildings.Begun in the early 1500's by Dominicans. In Chacala it rains the same months, late June thru mid-October, but rainfall almost always happens at night. And there is often major thunder and lightning storm.According to people in Oaxaca, those kind of storms are unusual there. But the rainfall is much heavier, really drenching downpours. I was caught in one my first afternoon in Oaxaca. I didn't have my umbrella and was soaked before I got on a bus. This photo, with the brickwork, is in the Oaxaca's Ethno-botanical Garden. I took the photo from inside the adjoining Museum. This rill goes across most of the garden. I love how it looks.
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