Friday, June 22, 2007

Hot Humid Chacala Days

It's a hotter than usual June in Chacala. Yesterday was the Solstice, and it was in the low 90's. I don't know what the humidity was, but I was dripping sweat most of the day and evening. Went swimming twice. The water is lovely.One of the beach families has a rancho somewhere around here. Last week they brought a hourse down to Chacala from the ranch. The grandchildren move the horse around the palm grove several times a day. I'm not sure about how the watering works though.I keep three buckets of water on my terrace for doing dishes when the water isn't on. That's about 18 hours a day. Yesterday I reached down for a bucket and there was a cute little frog in the bucket. He couldn't get out, and was swimming circles. I gently tipped the bucket over and he swam right out. And hopped around the terrace and down the stairs to the "pond" were the laundry water sits. I bet he never visits again. My landlady and her husband mostly finished the retaining wall between their "parking space" and the hillside above the road don't know what's next there, except they want to plant Noche Buena (Poinsetta's) in the bed.

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