Monday, June 26, 2006

Gardening in Chacala: Desert Rose

This is my favorite plant in my garden of pots on my terrace in Chacala, Mexico.
Desert Rose, Rosa de la Desierto, Adenium Obesum
I have been learning to garden in Mexico for almost three years now. I moved to a small town on the Pacific coast with the intention of learning how to garden in brand-new climate.

Before I moved here I gardened in Zone 5-6 for more than 40 years, so this is a very big change.
Some of the plants I grew in my old garden, I also grow here.

The difference is I grow them year round here: gardenias, bouganvilleas, hibicus, all kinds of succulents, lime trees, chili peppers, all fruit trees, oleander, and my very very favorite, Desert Rose. This plant flowers year round, is always in bloom, and is easy to propagate, and I love it's shape.
Here in Chacala the weather in the winter is usually low's in the low 60;/highs in the mid-80's. In the summer it is pretty humid, with lows in the low 70's and high's in the mid-90's. It rains starting in late June, with the most rain coming in August and September. But from mid-October thru mid-June it very very rarely rains here.

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TR said...

Glad you are still at the gardening after all those years. Miss you up in Zone 5 (now6).